Caleb Kirwa

Trainee Advocate


    • Bachelor of Laws

At first glance, Caleb Kirwa may seem like your typical pupil endeavouring to serve and complete his six-month pupillage term in compliance with the Kenya School of Law regulations.

What the naked eye cannot tell is that, even this early in his induction into the legal profession, he possesses a well sculpted lens towards social justice and more so in children and the law. He readily confesses that his respective experiences as a high school teacher, civic educator and brief service with the Commission on Administrative Justice (CAJ) has immensely shaped his perspective and approach to legal practice.

As an enthusiast of mountain climbing, Caleb knows the importance of preparation, discipline, determination and strategic thinking, traits which are evident in the manner in which he carries out his tasks, be it in attending to client briefings, drafting of pleadings, submissions or commercial and conveyancing agreements.